Blue Flower

Do you have a collection of business related internal data? Maybe it's specialist results of internal research, market analysis or technical specifications?

If so you may we might be able to use this to create a useful web based resource. Using a subscriber model this information can be brought to life with your own specialist research site.

This method works like this:

  • Identify the resource.
  • Collate the data and prepare it for the web.
  • Develop a front end web based portal system either as part of your current site or as a "sister" site cross branded with your own logo's etc.
  • Work out subscriber rates and develop a payment system.
  • Upload and test the site.
  • When were happy - launch the site via advertising and promoting the site within trade publications and via related websites, targeted PR and introductory offers.

... that's just the beginning.

If your information is of value you will find that the site will pay for itself, give your company kudos within your industry and raise awareness of your business with researchers, students (tomorrow's employees) clients and interested 3rd parties.

If you are interested then please get in touch.