Blue Flower

Through consultation I can help you to identify the niche position which you are most likely to succeed in with your web marketing, e-business strategy.

Together we can begin work out how you will accomplish this, win your customers and keep them. If I don't believe in your brand, product or service will work in it's current form online I will tell you how we can move forward. I can give you valuable insights into what needs to be implemented and offer creative solutions supported by a sound understanding of the technical requirements. So if you are thinking of upgrading your current site or just mapping out the terrain then contact me. 

With the aim to get a new website or redesign the existing one, a lot of businesses get confused. Different thoughts, opinions boggle their minds. With my web consultancy, knowledge and experience of industries, I can offer offer optimal solutions that help the businesses grow and enhance their market share with a ‘go global’ attitude.

My web consulting services enables my clients succeed in their online endeavours. I offer consultancy in areas of website designing, redesigning, internet marketing, and application development. Every business wants to maximise their ROI and generate sales lead and our consulting services help you attain your objectives. I help my clients, brand their business effectively on web and our internet marketing solutions engage and captivate their audiences.

Web Consultancy Process

Stage 1 - Understanding your business

Stage one is cornerstone of my relationship with you. I understand your business, objectives and goals that you would like to reach with us. We'll hold a small session to understand your current position and areas that you like to improve.

Stage 2 - Planning the delivery

Once I fully understanding your business I will research your competition and analyse their strategies. Finally, I'll develop a recommendation document outlining the solution(s) that will meet your objectives and goals. This will come along with a proposal quote for the same.

Stage 3 - Developing the solution(s)

After receiving  the go ahead from you, I will work on developing the solutions proposed. I will work closely with you and take your feedback at each step of design and development. The stage will include formulating and executing online strategy designing and development of personalised and customised solutions for you.

Stage 4 - Continued Support 

Once the project is complete and launched successfully. I can offer ongoing support and help as when you need it. As your business requirements change with time, I will recommend you ways to improve the current project to meet all your objectives and requirements. 

If you are interested then please get in touch.