Blue Flower

Web Design Services

If you want good clean design which does what it says on the tin then you've come to the right place - I have over 18 years in the industry and can provide first class sites that do exactly what you want them to.

E-commerce solutions

If you are selling or shipping goods or services either by post or over the counter then you could be selling your wares or billing your clients via the Internet - from simple PayPal click through to full CMS driven e-commerce sites.

Site Revamp and Redesign 

Is your current website looking old and tired? Or is it that you've realised that your site is identical to thousands of others based on MS Word templates? If any of this sounds familiar - read on.

Digital Marketing

Marketing today is undergoing a paradigm shift. This is the first time that smaller companies without the bottomless marketing budgets can actually look at going head to head with competitors.

Data Sharing

Do you have business information or market data sitting unused on your computers? There are many people willing to pay for information which you don't use - let's make a site out of it and make a killing!


I can offer my services as a consultant on subjects such as Internet use, e-commerce trends, the new technologies and web services which will be rolling out over the next year or so...

Search Engine Optimisation

Is your web site a ghost town? Getting no hits? Then ask yourself this... What's left when you just look at the words on the site? Your site may look great, however if it's creator did not do their job properly nobody may find out its there in the first place!

If you are interested then please get in touch.